About LASSO Events

LASSO Events is all about promoting community service to those individuals and organizations in need in Laramie and the surrounding Albany County, Wyoming. Whether you are an organization in need of volunteers or you have the need and desire to give service hours yourself, please let us know…we can help!

Many of our partners serve the greater Laramie area through specific programs and purposes designed to make life better for individuals and families. Sometimes, they just need some extra hands and feet to fulfill those purposes.

Most of our volunteers are from local organizations, schools, churches, etc that simply want to serve the community. Often there are groups who have certain requirements that encourage them to give hours of service back to the community. Either way…these people make it all happen week in and week out in order to meet needs across our city!

LASSO Events is a faith founded non-profit that believes serving our local community, its families and their needs is the best way to extend the servant hood love of Jesus Christ. By encouraging others to selflessly serve their community; we believe that we can make a positive impact on our world just like Jesus has done. We do not impose our beliefs on any partner, volunteer or benefactor of service…it simply is what motivates us as an organization to do what we do.

Should you have any questions about who we are, who we will serve or partner with or why we do what we do, please feel free to reach out to us through email or phone! Be ready though…you might just get “Roped Into Serving” with us!