There is a fresh excitement in the air! Yes, the seasons are about to change…Yes, the snow should be all but done by now (fingers crossed), but an even BIGGER YES is that Laramie Connections Church will begin offering its unique style of community ministry combined with weekly story telling gatherings intended to encourage anyone in earshot of the great things God is doing through his people in Laramie! Connections is the founding church for LASSO Events and has been eagerly waiting for the right time to begin a more public approach to a faith gathering…you can learn a whole lot more by visiting You’re welcome to check out the story and the plan behind it all at one of the three “Discover Connections” meetings. Sunday, Mar 31, Monday, Apr 1 and Wednesday, Mar 3 at 6pm in the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church at 1517 Canby Street. Questions? Email Tim at .